Boss DS-1X Distortion Pedal Review

Boss ds 1xWhen it comes to guitar pedals, Boss has been a leader for over 35 years. They have been at the forefront of guitar pedal technology since 1977. The technology has evolved and quality improved with the Boss DS-1X Distortion pedal that is equipped with Multi-Dimensional Processing technology that produces a clearer sound. The resurrected or reengineered DS-1X has not undergone any facelifts to make it look fancy or aesthetically pleasing. It does not pretend to be anything that it isn’t but it would surprise many people who have encountered and used the previous incarnations of the DS-1X. This is an entirely different kind of beast to the DS-1 pedal


The Chassis of the Boss DS-1X Distortion pedal has chrome ratchet-style knobs, a control plate made with chrome, and a nice looking screw that keeps the battery encased. That is as cool as you can expect to get with this pedal. Otherwise the pedals are still the same robust, no-nonsense indestructible pedals that have been used by musicians for over three decades. The DS-1X pedals come with a nine-volt jack as well as an on and off LED switch that can also be used as a power level indicator.


The DS-1X compact pedals have distinctive personalities and delivers the best tones boss distortion pedalregardless of the type of guitar they are hooked up to or the amp used. The Boss DS-1X Distortion pedal delivers smooth, complex and clear tones. The pedal allows your guitar and amp to remain mid-range to produce an overall thick sound. The equalizer controls boost the bass and treble and can go beyond the range that most amps get to. With these pedals the tone never sounds shrilly or muddy. The distortion control can be set to give a light boost or tame the treble to levels that you desire. The EQ controls provide a wider range of tones. It can take a player from the razor-sharp guitar sound that metal music players like and can be cranked up to sound even meaner. The knobs can be rolled back to deliver smoother tones.

Pros and Cons

  • Produces great tonal responses
  • Designed to be robust and provide superior sounds
  • Has the Multidimensional real –time pressing power that adapts to your playing to provide ideal distortion tones
  • Has the ability to deliver tight, crisp sound when playing low strings and high singing tones on higher notes
  • The distortion sound is never muddy regardless of volume settings
  • Delivers low noise even at high gain settings
  • Can serve many genres of music
  • The only con has to do with the pedal being costly




The Boss DS-1X Distortion pedal delivers a more complex sound that is smoother and carries clearer overtones and harmonics. This guitar pedal is responsive it can pick up playing dynamics with much ease and picks up volume changes better than its predecessor, the DS-1. The music world has a lot of distortion pedals and any serious guitarist has heard or experienced a Boss pedal. The robust design ensures that the guitar pedal will last for long making it a great investment. We give this pedal a solid 3.5 star rating

3.5 / 5 stars