BOSS FRV-1 63 Fender Reverb Pedal Review

Boss FRV-1Are you aware that one of the most legendary guitar sounds has been reborn? The celebrated Fender Spring Reverb that was first manufactured in 1963 has been reborn as a new stomp-box.
The FRV-1 has been created as a result of collaboration between Fender USA and BOSS. It sets the eternal tube-driven reverberation sound underneath your feet in a strong and dependable compact pedal.
The Fender-Spring Reverb, a classic that never gets old, is a sound that officially started the phenomenon of surf music. Additionally, it significantly contributed to the development of rock, blues and country music. Years later, it commonly featured in modern genres such as grunge. Today, the legendary sound can still be produced, courtesy of the Boss FRV-1 pedal.
Fender Corporation allowed the utilization of Fender Bassman in BOSS FRV-1, BOSS FBM-1 as well as BOSS FDR-1 only. No other pedals utilize the celebrated Fender Bassman.
Why you should purchase BOSS FRV-1
With proper use of the device, you can easily recreate the unique sound produced by Fender Boss FRV-1Reverb that was first launched in 1963. COSM technology will help you achieve this extraordinary feat.

It’s quite easy to operate the guitar pedal, courtesy of 3 classic control options for Dwell, Mix as well as Tome. The three different options will allow you to create any type of sound, be it sparkling twang or buttery warmth.
Its appearance is not only gentle, but also attractive.
The BOSS FRV-1 has 20dBu nominal output level, 10 kilo-ohms load resistance, 1 milli-ohm input impedance, 1 kilo-ohm output impedance as well as 20dBu nominal output level.
Why BOSS FRV-1 is the best
FRV-1 is the real deal. It’s probably the best Reverb pedal that you’ll ever come across.
Anyone who purchases it will discover that the pedal is more versatile, more delightful and also cleaner than other pedal. If you need a plausible version of the reverb tank, then this device won’t disappoint you at all. It may not necessarily be like playing the actual thing in an actual amp. Most people can’t afford this any way.

Did you grow up during a period when everyone used tube-driven spring-reverb tanks like those found in classic Fender Reverb amps? If you did, then acquiring a BOSS FRV-1 is the easiest way through which you’ll get to hear a similar sound, without necessarily spending lots of time (probably months) or substantial amounts of money trying to acquire one of those legendary tanks.

4 / 5 stars