BOSS GT-100 Multi-Effects Pedal Review

Boss Gt-100The GT series is among BOSS’ flagship guitar processors. This has been the case for the last few years, whereby serious revamping has been consistently done, thus resulting in the production of new models.
The GT-100 is the latest issue from BOSS’ production lines. This time round, the company is making use of a completely new digital signal processing engine. Additionally, all COSM amps in the GT-100 have been re-engineered.
Effects have been upgraded with improved real time control functions, including an absolutely new ACCEL pedal that can make changes to multi-effects on-the-go/ in real time.
Among the presets, you can find some exceptionally inspiring sounds that will enhance your capacity to create new tones. Additionally, they can encourage you to keep listening to the presets for hours without getting bored.
Another important area that BOSS has taken care of is the ease of use. The GT-100 model’s user interface is completely redesigned and comprises of dual displays. The dual displays have associated knobs which enable efficient parameter adjustment.
The multi effects processor boasts of 400 patches that are all onboard. 200 are factory presets. Therefore, you can produce your own creations and save them on the remaining 200 patches.

Boss GT-100
The blocks consist of; Compressor, Expression Pedal FX, Distortion/ Overdrive, Reverb, Amp Simulation, Chorus, EQ, Delay as well as FX1 & 2 (which can accommodate a wide range of effects). For greater flexibility, it gives you freedom to connect external effects to the device’s send & return loop.
Each patch can accommodate two different channels, and each of them is assigned with different effects as well as amps. If you don’t want to utilize the two channels simultaneously, you can make use of a footswitch to move from one channel to the other.
Apart from the features that create and control sound, the GT-100 also boasts of a looper which can loop in monotone for 38 seconds. Additionally, it can be used like an audio-interface for purposes of recording dry sounds, or sending dry sounds that had been previously recorded for re-amping purposes.
The device is made using solid metal and is anchored on the floor with four strong rubber feet. All the action is controlled by a treadle as well as eight footswitches.
Patches can be selected by two footswitches on the upper side (by scrolling up and down). The first 4 footswitches on the lower bank can be used to choose patches within that particular bank. Looper is controlled by the fifth switch, whilst the 6th is the aforementioned ACCEL switch.
Purchase the GT-100 today and start creating exceptional music.

4.5 / 5 stars