BOSS OC-3 Super Octave Pedal Review

Boss OC3The BOSS OC-3 is a device that can give you a wide range of octave effects with just one stomp. It’s specially designed with three modes; Polyphonic Octave, original OC-2 as well as Drive modes. Additionally, the adaptable OC-3 has distinct inputs for bass and guitar.
This monster octave pedal is a pioneer in the area of genuine polyphonic octave effects.

You’ll get to enjoy an absolutely new Drive mode that adds sweet distortion to the octave notes, thus creating a tone that is more aggressive and also fatter.
The novel OC-2 mode is also inbuilt into the pedal. It plays a significant role in the production of notes 1 & 2 octaves down.
You can make use of the adjustable Poly Octave effect to play within particular note ranges.
A Bass input allows the adaptation of octave sounds to your bass guitar. BOSS offers a limited 5 year warranty to everyone who buys new OC-3s from reputable outlets.
Absolutely new octave effects
The BOSS OC-3 conveniently picks up from where the popular OC-2 left off by offering two completely new octave effects.
Are you aware that new octaves can be added if you are playing  chords a-first? To do this, you only need to make use of Polyphonic Octave mode. Use the Drive mode to obtain more aggressive sounds. Additionally, Drive mode enhances the quality of octave sounds by adding much-needed distortion.
For those who had fallen in love with OC-2
If you are one of those enthusiastic guitarists who had already fallen in love with the OC-2, Boss OC3then there is great news for you. BOSS knows and appreciates how much you guys depend on the OC-2 sound.
The BOSS OC-3 has that original dual octave effect. In actual sense, the dual octave effect that can be created using the OC-3 is more stable than the one produced by OC-2.
Therefore, OC-3 gives you capacity to mix up to three different sounds: original note, note 2 octaves below as well as note 1 octave below.
Surprise for bass players
The BOSS OC-3 is not exclusively made for use in guitars. It can also be used for basses.
When you connect a dedicated bass input and a bass guitar, OC-3 will automatically adjust itself to be compatible with the bass guitar’s range. Therefore, if you are a passionate bass guitar player, you should consider upgrading to the BOSS OC-3’s stable octave sounds.
Features of the BOSS OC-3 at a glance:

  • Compact pedal that produces genuine polyphonic octave effects.
  • Bass input.
  • Drive mode that facilitates the creation of a more aggressive and richer tone.
  • Adjustable Poly Octave effect for playing within specific note ranges.
  • Produces notes 1& 2 octaves down, courtesy of the OC-2 mode.

Why buy the OC-3?
The BOSS OC-3 is one of the few pedals in the market that can add remarkable octave effects to basses and guitars. We give this pedal a 4 star rating.

4 / 5 stars