Boss RC-3 Loop Station Pedal Review

Boss RC-3The RC-3 pedal is a powerfully equipped looper pedal that offers you substantial stereo recording time of up to 3 hours, USB compatibility, storage for nearly 100 loops as well as a comprehensive rhythm guide.
Marathon looping
With the RC-3, you can record stereo for about 180 minutes directly to the pedal’s internal memory. Do not worry that you may run out of memory; just record for any length of time.
You can create multiple ideas and phrases and save all of them, courtesy of the ninety-nine memory locations.
The guitar pedal’s True Stereo I/O gives you the liberty of connecting it to other stereo-effects devices.
AUX Input
Apart from recording your bass and guitar performances and converting them into loops, Boss RC-3 also allows you to record stereo audio from external sources through the AUX In.
For example, sound from an audio player that is connected to the AUX In can be recorded and converted into a loop without any difficulty.
Auto record
Boss RC-3 boasts of an Auto Recording function that automatically starts recording immediately you start playing the guitar, or when you start an audio player connected to the pedal.
It gives you the liberty of redoing or undoing.
With a recording time of up to 180 minutes, there’s nothing that can stop you from fully enjoying yourself.
USB connectivity
It’s possible to connect the Boss RC-3 to your laptop or desktop computer using an ordinary USB cable. USB connectivity enables you to create a backup for the recordings in a secondary device for safekeeping.Boss RC-3
Additionally, it’s possible to directly transfer WAV files from the PC to your RC-3. The pedal accepts transfer and storage of 16 bit/ 44.1 Kilohertz WAV files that don’t exceed 1.7GB.
Comprehensive rhythm guide
To ensure your loops remain tight, you can easily play along with any of the standard rhythmic patterns in the guitar pedal’s onboard library as recording goes on.
You’ll find ten forms of rhythm types, including; Rock, Latin, Pop, Rhythm & Blues, Funk and Shuffle, among others.
Use the dedicated knob to adjust the rhythm’s volume. Additionally, you can make use of the tap tempo to set your tempo.
With the Boss RC-3, specifying the time signature is very easy. You’d be pleased to know that time signature as well as rhythm type is saved whenever a corresponding phrase is saved.

  • Extremely powerful and solid stereo stompbox- looper.
  • Limited 5-year warranty.
  • Enormous internal memory that allows up to 3 hours of recording time.
  • AC power supply or single 9V battery.
  • Ninety-nine onboard memories where you can store loops.

4 / 5 stars