Way Huge WHE401 Swollen Pickle Pedal Review

The WHE401 Swollen Pickle used to be among the most sought after guitar pedals for several years, although its production ground to a halt for a while. However, there is good news for passionate guitarists; the once-popular guitar pedal is back with a bang! Just like it was when it was first launched in the […]

Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi Review

This distortion/fuzz pedal has been in use for several years, and has been offering guitarists unique fuzz-like distortion which can’t be produced by many other guitar pedals in the market. The Volume, Sustain and Tone controls are quite simple to use. You’ll find it extremely easy to set the output, enhance saturation and color your […]

Death by Audio Apocalypse Fuzz Pedal Review

Death by Audio is famous for providing heavy metal distortion pedals. However, people know the Apocalypse as the best pedal in the market. It combines five unique fuzz circuits in a single box. These circuits cover everything sonically such that every setting maintains big, broken, and aggressive characteristics. The most surprising thing is that the […]

Dunlop FFM6 Band of Gypsys Fuzz Face Mini Pedal Review

This Fuzz Face Mini pedal is based on the legendary, mysterious fuzz used by Jimi Hendrix in his Band of Gypsys era, playing alongside Billy Cox and Buddy Miles. The fuzz face snarled aggressively and it had a biting tone, which made it sound like a real beast unlike any other pedal in Jim’s arsenal. […]

Fulltone Octafuzz Of-2 Fuzz/Octave Review

Are you searching for a pedal that will give you that elusive Hendrix tone? Would you like to capture some Stevie Ray Vaughn magic, or would you simply like to produce your own vibe? If you do, then you should consider purchasing the Fulltone Octafuzz OF2 guitar pedal today. The Octafuzz OF-2 is the main […]