BOSS OC-3 Super Octave Pedal Review

The BOSS OC-3 is a device that can give you a wide range of octave effects with just one stomp. It’s specially designed with three modes; Polyphonic Octave, original OC-2 as well as Drive modes. Additionally, the adaptable OC-3 has distinct inputs for bass and guitar. This monster octave pedal is a pioneer in the […]

Fulltone Octafuzz Of-2 Fuzz/Octave Review

Are you searching for a pedal that will give you that elusive Hendrix tone? Would you like to capture some Stevie Ray Vaughn magic, or would you simply like to produce your own vibe? If you do, then you should consider purchasing the Fulltone Octafuzz OF2 guitar pedal today. The Octafuzz OF-2 is the main […]