Death by Audio Apocalypse Fuzz Pedal Review

death by audio apocalypse fuzz pedalDeath by Audio is famous for providing heavy metal distortion pedals. However, people know the Apocalypse as the best pedal in the market. It combines five unique fuzz circuits in a single box. These circuits cover everything sonically such that every setting maintains big, broken, and aggressive characteristics.

The most surprising thing is that the fuzz pedal possesses a level of versatility. In fact, you would only expect this kind of versatility from a digital pedal. The Apocalypse is the best pedal for you if you are looking for conjuring walls of sound in the metal, grunge, or shoegaze genres.

If you are looking for shimmery lead tone, however, the Apocalypse is not your cup of tea.
Five Modes of Operation
The Death by Audio Apocalypse Fuzz Pedal has five modes of independent operation making it one of the best pedals in the market.

The Twin T Scoup combines bass and treble quite nicely in addition to having palm-muted pedal tones.

The war fuzz is responsible for sustaining harmonics and it helps the pedal sound like a huge stack of amplifiers.

The Square wave is similar to the war fuzz but has dual J-FETS and a clipped waveform.

Octavius helps in producing a loud octave sound. Then there is the waveform shifter, which produces strange and blown-out results.
Sound and Performance
The Apocalypse features sound and interactive controls that are highly responsive to the ampdeath by audio apocalypse and your pick-up settings. You have the freedom to control the highs & the lows of the pedal by using the Twin T Scoup.

The war fuzz, on the other hand, helps you create an amazing override tone by simply rolling it to the bass position.
The Octavius mode produces brutal octave-up fuzz. The best thing is that it holds together without getting fractured, muddy, or indistinct when chording.

Although this Death by Audio pedal gives you a hint of the voice of Fuzz Face, it creates more distortion than the vintage units do.
Final Verdict
The Apocalypse fuzz pedal has higher output than other models do and it pumps full distortion even when the settings are low. However, it is a bit pricey considering the fuzz does not have many controls.

If you look at it in terms of versatility, then this pedal is the only one that produces the best fuzz tones. If you a fuzz-tune diehard who is looking for simplicity with a multitude of tones, then the Death By Audio Apocalypse Fuzz Pedal is worth a try. This would, in our opinion, be a 5 star product. However, because of the price we relegate it to 4.5 stars

4.5 / 5 stars