Dunlop FFM6 Band of Gypsys Fuzz Face Mini Pedal Review

Dunlop FFM6 Fuzz Face MiniThis Fuzz Face Mini pedal is based on the legendary, mysterious fuzz used by Jimi Hendrix in his Band of Gypsys era, playing alongside Billy Cox and Buddy Miles. The fuzz face snarled aggressively and it had a biting tone, which made it sound like a real beast unlike any other pedal in Jim’s arsenal. Although the pedal has been lost to history, its unmistakably unique tones live on, most of them in some of the iconic shows of Jimi’s band. Here is a comprehensive Dunlop FFM6 Band of Gypsys Fuzz Face Mini Pedal Review.
Revival of the Fuzz Face Mini Pedal
For years, Hendrix’s diehards have been trying to revive this sound, and finally, they got a breakthrough. The Dunlop FFM6 Band of Gypsys Fuzz Face Mini Pedal has captured it all by using a version of Octavio circuit without the octave signal. After tweaking it a few times, Dunlop managed to capture the features of the original gypsy fuzz face and put it in a friendly size pedal board.
Features of this Mini Pedal
The Fuzz Face Mini is a sure reproduction of the original Fuzz Face and has only two controls, volume, and fuzz. It also features an input-output control. Although fitted in a compact package, it also features modern upgrades such as an easy to access battery compartment, a nine-volt adapter jack, true bypass switching, and on and off status ffm6 band of gypsys fuzz face mini
Dunlop avoided developing a typical Fuzz Face clone by using the Octavio circuit minus the octave-up effect. This version of the Fuzz Face is able to capture the tones as the original delivering crispy and speaker ripping treble. Unlike the other versions that have been made over the years, this one clears right up when you reduce your guitar’s volume.
With the new Dunlop Fuzz Face Mini, you can now enjoy the tone that Jimi Hendrix used to woo his massive audiences with in his iconic performances. Only that with the modern design, you will enjoy a friendlier Fuzz Face housing, AC Power jack and an On/Off status LED switch.
Additional Benefits of the Mini Pedal
In addition to offering you the sizzling aggression of modern day Jimi’s Fuzz Face version, Dunlop offers you gold coverage warranty to help protect your gear from several damages including unintentional spills, breakages or cracks. You are also protected against normal wear and tear, power surges, dust, and internal heat and humidity. With the gold warranty plan, your product is covered for one to five years depending on your choice. As you can now tell, this product will give you value for your money.

Notable Features

  • Embody the distinct live fuzz sound that Jimi encapsulated in ’69 and ’70
  • Fonded on the Octavio circuit minus the octave up signal
  • On/Off LED indicator
  • Small enough to work with most pedalboards

We give the Dunlop FFM6 Fuzz Face Mini a 4.5 star rating

4.5 / 5 stars