Electro-Harmonix Canyon Delay and Looper Pedal Review

Electro-harmonix Canyon and Looper pedalWould you like to buy a looper pedal, but you’re finding it difficult to make the right choice?
The Electro Harmonix Canyon offers more than what you’ll see on the surface. When you explore the device, you will discover that it’s designed with multiple time based effects, including Deluxe Memory Man.
The guitar pedal offers numerous control functions to suit all your needs, including a sixty two second looper. All the functions can be controlled using an onboard tap tempo.
The device comprises of four main control knobs; FX Level, Effect Selector, Delay as well as Feedback knob.
You may never find a guitar pedal with an equivalent number of tones. Would you like to have plenty of ambient power generated by a small pedal board? If you do, then you should consider getting an Electro Harmonix Canyon.
The guitar pedal is specially designed with the following exceptional features:

  • Multiple time base effects housed in a pedal-board friendly size.
  • On-the-go tap tempo.
  • Eight onboard types of delay such as Tape, Reverse and Deluxe Memory Man, among others.
  • Knobs that give you power to control modulation as well as other secondary features.
  • Looper function that provides up to sixty-two seconds of loop length.
  • Tap & Divide button that allows you to select rhythmic sub-sections for your preferred tap tempo.

Powerful delay pedal
Considering its diminutive size, the EHX-Canyon is more powerful than what it appears to be. Electro-harmonix canyonA simple adjustment of the device’s selector knob allows you to choose from a range of eight delay sounds, including Shimmer Setting, Modulated Delay as well as Tape like Delay.
A tap and divide button allows you to select from a variety of rhythmic subdivisions. To achieve this, you’ll only need to tap the tempo. If you hold it down, you can change the control knob functions for deep-editing options like the tape age and modulation of the repeated signal, among others.
Sixty-two second looper
The guitar pedal boasts of a sixty-two second looper that makes it suitable for practicing, carrying out live performances as well as song writing. To achieve this, you’ll only need to adjust the loop option and then step on the device’s footswitch to start, erase, stop and/or overdub your loops.
Additionally, it can give you a loop length of up to sixty-two seconds. Apart from the EHX-Canyon, very few devices can give you a similar or almost similar amount of time.
Other features
You’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover that the guitar pedal also comprises of a reverb that sounds great. In addition, it can be customized to provide you with hall, spring or room sound.
The quick delay and low repeats will bring you fond memories of slap back tones that were popular in the 1950s.
Most buyers are choosing the Electro Harmonix Canyon. What are you waiting for?

4.5 / 5 stars