Eventide H9 Harmonizer Stompbox Review

eventide h9 harmonizerAfter producing a series of stompboxes, all of which seem to fit within the budget of a regular guitarist, Eventide upped the ante by making the H9 Harmonizer. The H9 is capable of producing sounds from ModFactor, PitchFactor, Space, and TimeFactor in addition to having its unique sound.

All harmonizers from Eventide have gained popularity in the studios due to their ability to produce time-based effects. The H9, however, in addition to these capabilities has more added features, which make it highly impressive. Here is a comprehensive Eventide H9 Harmonizer Stompbox Review.
Fewer Physical Controls
Unlike the previous stompboxes from Eventide, the H9 has fewer physical controls. However, the company made control and editing easier.

They added Bluetooth and a TRS Jack, which is placed at the back of the unit. With Bluetooth, you can connect the H9 Harmonizer with an iPod or iPad by simply downloading the free Eventide app. Similarly, if you have an apple a Mac computer, you can connect via USB.
Innovative yet Simple Design
The H9 Harmonizer features a sleek looking form factor, which is housed in a futuristic white enclosure and it can easily make analog-minded players feel intimidated.

Under the LED is a row of hot knobs labeled x, y, and z, all of which are intentionally vague and potentially daunting. Below these preset knobs is a huge multi-function control knob that you can use to scroll through the presets or manipulating the expression settings of the hot knobs.

It also features active and taps footswitches and an inbuilt tuner.
Inbuilt Controls
You can easily pair your H9 with its control app and access all its interface options and virtual controls. However, if you are not a fun of scrolling screens, then it can easily get you worked up.

The good news is that once you manage to handle it, you will become pretty easier. Eventide H9 Harmonizer Additionally, pairing it with your iPhone might take you a little while, but it should be easy if you are using iPhone 3GS and running IOS5 and above.
Extra Cost for Other Stompbox Sounds
The H9 price does not include the other Eventide stompboxes sounds, and you have to pay more to get these. Each of the stompboxes has approximately 10 algorithms, and the H9 has about 40 with each containing 10-30 presets.

Additional algorithms go for $19.99 each with five minutes audition before purchase. Although you can only use one algorithm at a time, each algorithm can have multiple effects.
The Eventide H9 Harmonizer offers infinite possibilities, but it requires a bulky processor that can cost you thousands of dollars. However, despite the cost, you can use it for a long time until you take your music skills to the next level. We give the Eventide H9 Harmonizer a 4.5 star rating.


4.5 / 5 stars