Fulltone Octafuzz Of-2 Fuzz/Octave Review

Fulltone OctafuzzAre you searching for a pedal that will give you that elusive Hendrix tone? Would you like to capture some Stevie Ray Vaughn magic, or would you simply like to produce your own vibe? If you do, then you should consider purchasing the Fulltone Octafuzz OF2 guitar pedal today.
The Octafuzz OF-2 is the main ingredient that makes your sonic stew tasty. It offers you a unique effect range which goes beyond conventional octave up sounds and plain fuzz.
This popular guitar pedal is uniquely designed with a heavy enclosure made of steel, traditional-white logo as well as a glossy powder coat finish that make it look attractive.
The Fulltone Octafuzz has customized brass shaft pots that are extremely smooth and strong. There are few other pots that are as even and as brawny as the ones found in this guitar pedal. The pots are expertly fitted onto the PCB board’s interior using a method that you’d rarely see in other conventional guitar pedals. The unique method ensures that Fulltone pedals remain in perfect condition for several years. Additionally, it makes the need for jumper wires unnecessary, thus keeping the tone pure and soothing.
The Octafuzz OF-2 boasts the following unique features:Fulltone Octafuzz

  • Octa/ Fuzz toggle
  • LED light
  • Volume control
  • Footswitch
  • Boost control

Why purchase a Fulltone pedal?
The company that manufactures this popular guitar pedal has been around since 1991. Mike Fuller, the company’s founder is a renowned guitarist, a lover of electronics, a great music composer as well as an exceptional performer.
He was chiefly motivated by his great love for good music and the frustrations of using traditional pedals that were all inconsistent and fragile.
All the guitar pedals are hand-made in Southern California using high quality materials.
What guitarists use the Fulltone Octafuzz?
The list of guitarists who’ve already fallen in love with Fulltone Octafuzz is quite long. Keith Richards and Ron Kenoly always carry Fulltone gear during their numerous tours around the world.
Nigel Tufnel, a member of Britain’s Spinal Tap band is another celebrity who also makes use of this pedal.
Other notable guitar players who’ve discovered the joys of using the Fulltone Octafuzz include; Tom Hamilton and Joe Perry (Boston’s bad boys). Reverend Horton Heat, the Psychobilly aficionado, was also converted into a faithful Fulltone user.
Other devotees of Fulltone products are and were; Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard, Mike Campbell, Cream’s Jack Bruce, Tom Petty as well as Lou Reed.
So this is a pedal valued by many professional musicians. You don’t have to miss out on the fun anymore.

4.5 / 5 stars