Line 6 M5 Stompbox Modeller Review

Line 6 M5No one can dispute the fact that the Line 6 offers guitarists lots of value for their money. Being the youngest in a family of processors usually has its benefits. Although it’s relatively smaller than its predecessors, the Line 6 M5 offers more than a hundred effects in delay, reverb, modulation, filter, distortion as well as compressor/ EQ categories in one package.
The uninitiated may get the impression that it’s a pedal with a definite identity crisis. However, the connoisseurs would agree that it’s an absolute Swiss Army knife, the perfect solution for guitar players’ needs. Let’s examine it.
How does it look?
Packaged in a rugged metal chassis, it’s a perfect study for effective design. There are Stereo In& Out jacks, DC power input as well as expression pedal input at the back. Additionally, there are MIDI in& out jacks on the device’ left hand side, a Tap switch on the right and an On/ Off switch at the top.
The Line 6 M5 boasts of 6 multi-function knobs as well as backlit LCD display above the switches. The former shows chosen effects and function of each of the rotary knobs for the respective effects.
How well does it work?
The pedal makes it extremely easy for you to produce great sound. When you push down the model-select knob, effect category swiftly changes. Once you choose the desired category, you’ll only need to rotate the knob so as to select a particular effect.
The Line 6 M5 gives you an exceptional hits package. Some of the effects that you’ll definitely enjoy include Tube Echo (EP1 style tone) and Jet Fuzz.Line 6 M5
The pedal makes it easy for you to store twenty-four effects as pre-sets. To access the pre-sets, you only need to scroll through the wide range of choices using your foot. The scrolling feature can be accessed by simultaneously stepping on the Tap and On/ Off switches.
There are absolutely no menus. Whenever you switch it on, you’ll get the settings at the same point where you left. Additionally, the in-built tuner is easily accessible and also accurate.
Features of the M5 at a glance:

  • Compact size. Remember that less is more.
  • Absolutely pro- tap tempo, full stereo, expression pedal option as well as MIDI capable, among others.
  • More than a hundred effects in delay, reverb, modulation, filter, distortion as well as compressor/ EQ categories in one package.
  • Stompbox simple- no one wants to learn a completely new language for his/ her old favorites.

Final verdict
Buying the Line 6 M5 is probably the best deal that you’ll ever get. It’s worth every dime. We give this processor a 4 star rating.

4 / 5 stars