Morley Vai-2 Bad Horsie2 Contour Wah Pedal Review

Steve Vai Bad HorsiePassionate guitarists had been waiting for a pedal that would fulfill most of their wildest fantasies, so when the Morley Vai-2 Bad Horsie debuted into the guitar pedals market; they considered it an answer to their prayers.
A switchless engage design is one of the exceptional features that you will find on the guitar pedal. Since the treadle is loaded with a spring, the pedal flicks back to its heel-down position whenever it’s not in use. At the heel-down position, the device is in buffered by-pass and Off mode. Therefore, moving the treadle turns on the wah.
It’s difficult to unknowingly switch it on or leave it on after use, courtesy of the LED indicator lights. You’ll definitely know whether it’s On or Off.
Whenever the wah is switched on, a one-minute delay usually occurs. For this reason, you’ll be compelled to start it at the lowest level of the sweep.
Unlike its predecessors, this particular guitar pedal consists of a contour, a feature that offers you so much value for money.
The guitar pedal allows you to conveniently make adjustments to the effect level as well as the frequency range. Additionally, you’re at liberty to make use of the switch found on the pedal’s left-hand-side to change into Contour mode. This exceptional feature gives you the freedom of tweaking your wah, thus enabling you to create treble screech or mid range quack, among others.Steve Vai Bad Horsie
The guitar pedal is built according to Steve Vai’s exact specifications. If you really adore your guitar, then acquiring the pedal is one of the best decisions that you’ll ever make.
The Clear Tone Buffer-Circuitry ensures that no signal loading occurs. Additionally, it provides high quality wah tonality.
With other guitar pedals, you may find it difficult to control volume whilst actively using the device. In any case, you need both hands whenever you’re playing the guitar. However, this particular guitar pedal was designed with an easily accessible volume pedal. Make use of the pedal to adjust the volume in the middle of your song, fade in or fade out.
You can use the Boost control to enhance the guitar signal’s output strength before it reaches the amp. It allows you to apply less gain incase you want to distort your amp’s tone. You can also make use of the Boost control to increase volume during solos or fatten up your sound.
Summary of the features

  • Made in accordance with Steve Vai’s specifications.
  • LED indicators that let you know whether the pedal is On or Off.
  • Switchless
  • Clear tone buffer-circuit
  • Contour wah switch that activates level and wah frequency.

3.5 / 5 stars