Pigtronix PHI Guitar Delay Effect Pedal Review


The Pigtronix PHI Guitar Delay Effect Pedal is a delay pedal that provides not only ambient saturation and warmth that are usually produced by the best analogue devices, but also exceptional features and versatility associated with some of the best digital devices.

It is designed with the following unique features; chrome casing that contains a certificate of authenticity, genuine stereo outputs, modulation delay and switchable tap demonstration, non-linear filters which give exceptional saturation and an analogue LFO modulation which plays a significant role of providing tremolo and chorus.
Additionally, the guitar pedal consists of reverse and loop modes (complete with remote switching), self-oscillating capability (without the conventional digital clipping), six- part multi- tap with a beautiful golden ratio switch as well as a trail switch which allows natural fading of echoes after bypass.
Prospective customers are assured of getting value for their money because of top quality design, workmanship and components that have gone into producing these devices.
Each of the products contains a genuine Certificate of Authenticity. It’s therefore important for all prospective buyers to confirm that the products which they intend to purchase contain these certificates.
What Do You Get?P
The Pigtronix PHI Guitar Delay Effect Pedal is specially designed with modulation delay 0181118000424modes and an independent tap mode that enable a user to conveniently switch from one delay sound to another.
Minimum delay time and maximum delay time are 10 milliseconds and 20 seconds respectively, and these enable it to easily produce excellent slap-back sounds and stereo focus.
Additionally, a special medium setting (between 100 milliseconds and 1.2 seconds) enables the guitar pedal to produce great echo that consists of rich analogue sound and lush modulation.
On the other hand, a unique 1 second to 12 seconds long setting allows sound-on-sound playing, reverse play- back, looping, itch bending madness and rhythmic multi tap patterns.
The efficient modulation delay can operate up to three different time ranges, thus providing convenient access to a wide range of delay based sound effects.
A player can use multi tap toggle switches to introduce at least five supplementary echoes at certain musical-fractions of the main delay time, and the values of such fractions depend on specific triplets and quarter notes that have been chosen.
However, they (values) can be realigned such that they’re based on a specific Golden Ratio by simply engaging a switch. This is necessary when there’s need to produce a universal spiral rhythm.
1600-Echolution_detail1Amplitude (tremolo) and pitch (chorus) modulation of delay signal can be controlled using Signal Analogue LFO. The independent depth control facilitates blending of two modulations, which effectively produce beautiful rotary speaker sounds as well as other space- age effects.
Delay time can be changed using Expression-Pedal Input, thus providing greater control of the pitch bending capacity and Echolution time.
Genuine stereo outputs allow the production of excellent 3- dimensional sound, especially when it’s connected to a mixer or amplifier.
The loop function is responsible for freezing contents of the delay-line as well as repeating captured audio. When it’s engaged, all multi-tap and modulation functions become active, thus enabling one to change the sample partially or completely, and thereafter return it to its primary sonic form.
How Do We Rate It?
The best description that suits this guitar pedal is a combination of cutting edge digital and analogue technology. With this in mind we give this pedal a superb 4.5 star rating

4.5 / 5 stars