Pro Co RAT2 Distortion Pedal Review

Rat 2RAT distortion pedals manufactured by Pro Co have all achieved legendary status, courtesy of their unique drive sounds. In fact, they have become a gold standard upon which other conventional pedals are measured against.
Whilst several iterations have been in existence over the years, nearly all versions have standard Pro Co features such as the recognizable RAT housing enclosure, characteristic distortion with fuzz like qualities as well as a three-knob layout.

However, after the pioneer RAT pedals as well as their 1980’s embodiments set the stage for the legendary RAT legacy, the company officially released the Pro Co RAT2.
The distortion pedal offers original RAT distortion tones coupled with On/ Off LED, Filter control, easily accessible battery compartment and true bypass switching as well.
The distortion pedal is surprisingly versatile. You can choose to have either full raging-fuzz distortion or boosted overdrive.
Sound and general performance
When you fire up the device, it instantaneously jerks your sound with fat drive full of tasty rhythmic tone.
The sound produced by the Pro Co RAT2 is quite familiar, and this shouldn’t surprise you atRat2 all because RAT pedals have, for a long time, been featured on numerous famous recordings. In fact, whenever most people think about exceptional rock guitar tones, the device that usually goes to their minds is the RAT2.
The pedal’s top end is a perfect blend of frizzy and hairy, whilst the bottom is pleasant and chunky. Additionally, it has an exceptional low end grind that makes it produce heavy riffage.
If you twist the distortion to about 9 o’clock, it produces outstanding overdrive style tones. In addition to that, the RAT2 packs substantial bite regardless of the distortion setting.
The main reason why the RAT2 has remained popular for a long time is because it’s extremely enjoyable to play. The genuine classic sound produced has surpassed innumerable variants and imitations.
Features of the RAT2 distortion pedal at a glance.

  • Distortion control knob that adjusts overall gain level.
  • Powered by 9VDC adapter or 9-V battery.
  • Filter control knobs that rolls off high end frequencies, thus producing darker tones.
  • Genuine Bypass switch that bypasses circuitry whenever a user disengages the pedal.
  • Volume control knob that adjusts volume level.
  • Easily accessible compartment for the battery.
  • On & Off LED light that is absent in Rat2’s predecessors.

Final verdict
The RAT2 distortion pedal is probably more popular than all the other celebrated guitar distortion pedals.
It produces a wide variety of tones. The sounds produced by Pro Co Rat2 are very unique and cannot be compared to the sounds produced by other conventional guitar pedals.
The RAT2 distortion pedal will undoubtedly give you value for money.

We give this pedal a 3.5 star rating.

3.5 / 5 stars