Rivera Sustain Shaman Two Channel Compressor-Sustainer Pedal Review

Rivera Sustain shamanThe Rivera Sustain Shaman Two Channel Compressor pedal is different from most guitar pedals in the market. This is because it is designed with modern touches which improve its performance. For instance, its circuit topology is rooted in the rack mounted Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA) studio compressors. This is unlike the traditional Operational Transconductance Amplifier (OTA) compression pedals. It features an ultra-modern/ infinite sustaining compression super sustain function.

The Sustain Shaman Guitar Pedal also features an impressive control layout which includes level and sustains knobs, dedicated/effective controls for effect blend, attack and tone for a modern and versatile layout. It is also important to point out that the sustain shaman features two separate channels. Each one of these has their own attack and sustain knobs which works towards improving its performance.
Before plugging in the Rivera Sustain Shaman Sustainer Pedal, the first feature that you will notice its solid exterior. It is made using custom folded stainless steel. Besides contributing to the pedal’s durability, it allows the knobs to be lower than the foot switches which protects them from accidental kicking when stomping on the pedal. The brightly colored graphic decals on the knobs add a visual appeal to it.rivera sustain shaman

An impressive feature with the Sustain Shaman Pedal is how noise free the signal is when plugged in. The foot switches are also incredibly silent during use. This means that no ‘pop’ sound will taint your signal when the pedal is engaged. Although the pedal is transparent when impacting your overall tone, it imparts a hi-fi quality to your sound.

It is also noticeable that the level and sustain knobs are on the left side of the pedal. The sustain is more like a ratio style control that determines how heavy your signal is compressed. The level knob adjusts your overall output volume while the attack knob determines how quickly the compression kicks in. The effect blend enables you to blend in your wet and dry signals while the tone knob allows you to put a little sparkle on the top end of your sound. The fact that the Sustain Shaman has 2 channels is a bonus. The super sust which is a conspicuous switch on the channel B is meant to activate the pedal’s super sustain feature.

The Rivera Sustain Shaman Two Channel Compressor-Sustainer Pedal is a worthy consideration given its low noise levels and its wide range of sound options. The fact that this is a clean and quiet modern compressor with studio-grade sound quality makes it a worthy purchase.

4 / 5 stars