Strymon Mobius Modulator Pedal Review

Strymon MobiusThe Strymon Mobius Modulator is a pedal that features very deep capabilities exponentially widening a pedalboard’s sound potential.

This product can inspire whole tunes, opening up a new whole range of production and studio possibilities. It may be a bit difficult to learn how to use it at first, but it comes with a design that ultimately invites experimentation. It can deliver classic, beautifully rich, authentic modulation sounds.

One of the good things about the Mobius Modulator pedal is its approachability. Those guitar players who have spent time before with a modern digital delay can achieve impressive effects out of the device from the first use.

The type knob is the control layout’s focal point. The knob is a hybrid push button – rotary control that allows you assign and save presets as well as to dial any of the 12 machines or modulation types.

The knob illuminates a small LED near the name of each modulation type when it turns with a click. In some settings the small type is not so easy to read and it might be difficult to tell exactly which setting is associated to which LED. But, on the other side, the sounds are typically audibly distinctive and quite different from position to position.

By depressing the rotary/push-button value knob can also be accessed the modulation machine’s assignable parameters. Pressing and holding the knob allows access to global settings, including a tap function that retains the last used temp rate as well as true or buffered bypass operation. In the upper right section, the level, depth, and speed knobs are the most familiar.strymon mobius


Among the pros to the Mobius Modulator pedal is worth to mention the fact that the sonic undulations are complex and deep, and at times the sound effects become impossibly real.

The DSP emulations are very accurate. In fact, this modulator pedal is virtual encyclopedia of impressive modulation sounds. The most basic sound are easy to use, while a wide range of tone tailoring tools become available via deeper functions.


On the downside, among the cons to this device is the fact that the product is fairly expensive. Another issue is that the small print is difficult to read, especially in a low stage light setting. The modulator pedal can also be a handful on stage.

Final verdict

With the Strymon Mobius pedal setting up presets becomes an easy task. This modulator pedal opens up a new frontier of assignable capabilities. The quality of the product is impressive. This modulator is a very capable unit that caters more to the professional guitar player, being a total overkill for most of the amateur players. If you’re a session expert or a studio tinkerer, the Mobius allows you to perform just about every modulation you could ever need.

We give it a 4 star rating

4 / 5 stars