TC Electronics Hyper Gravity Compressor Pedal Review

Are you aware that HyperGravity Compressor pedal could be the missing link that has been preventing you from producing that great tone? It offers multiple compression modes that are all remarkable, including an amazing multi-band compressor, a classic compressor as well as infinite compression combinations via TonePrint technology. Therefore, it’s the key that can enable […]

Wampler Ego-Compressor Essentials Pedal Review

The archetypal MXR Dyna Comp and Ross Compressors are classic compression pedals characterized by a unique compression sound that many guitarists fell (and still fall) in love with. However, the classic pedals had certain limitations, including; tonal coloration, signal noise and unavailable parameter control, among other limitations. Over the years, many guitar pedal builders have […]

WMD Effects Protostar Envelope Filter Pedal Review

The WMD Protostar Envelope Filter presents a more advanced version of their Super Fatman envelope filter. Essentially, the Protostar Envelope Filter comes with a plethora of additional and pro level features that exhibit a unique sound design experience. This filter has a built in LFO , has five filter modes, a full CV patch bay for […]

Rivera Sustain Shaman Two Channel Compressor-Sustainer Pedal Review

The Rivera Sustain Shaman Two Channel Compressor pedal is different from most guitar pedals in the market. This is because it is designed with modern touches which improve its performance. For instance, its circuit topology is rooted in the rack mounted Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA) studio compressors. This is unlike the traditional Operational Transconductance Amplifier […]