Way Huge WHE401 Swollen Pickle Pedal Review

The WHE401 Swollen Pickle used to be among the most sought after guitar pedals for several years, although its production ground to a halt for a while. However, there is good news for passionate guitarists; the once-popular guitar pedal is back with a bang! Just like it was when it was first launched in the […]

Pro Co RAT2 Distortion Pedal Review

RAT distortion pedals manufactured by Pro Co have all achieved legendary status, courtesy of their unique drive sounds. In fact, they have become a gold standard upon which other conventional pedals are measured against. Whilst several iterations have been in existence over the years, nearly all versions have standard Pro Co features such as the […]

Boss DS-1X Distortion Pedal Review

When it comes to guitar pedals, Boss has been a leader for over 35 years. They have been at the forefront of guitar pedal technology since 1977. The technology has evolved and quality improved with the Boss DS-1X Distortion pedal that is equipped with Multi-Dimensional Processing technology that produces a clearer sound. The resurrected or […]