Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi Review

This distortion/fuzz pedal has been in use for several years, and has been offering guitarists unique fuzz-like distortion which can’t be produced by many other guitar pedals in the market. The Volume, Sustain and Tone controls are quite simple to use. You’ll find it extremely easy to set the output, enhance saturation and color your […]

Pro Co RAT2 Distortion Pedal Review

RAT distortion pedals manufactured by Pro Co have all achieved legendary status, courtesy of their unique drive sounds. In fact, they have become a gold standard upon which other conventional pedals are measured against. Whilst several iterations have been in existence over the years, nearly all versions have standard Pro Co features such as the […]

TC Electronic Dark Matter Distortion Effect Pedal Review

There are numerous distortion pedals in the market, but none of them can be compared to the TC Electronic DMD Effect pedal. It’s a device that will make you get so addicted that whenever you set aside half an hour to play, you’ll end up spending hours longer. Good distortion stomp boxes usually give a […]

Dunlop GCB95 The Original Cry Baby® Wah Wah Pedal Review

Most people equate the wah-wah pedal with the rock and psychedelic sounds of the late Sixties, in particular, bands like the Jimi Hendrix Experience and Cream – I know I certainly do. However country artist, Chet Atkins, used a similar device, which he made himself as far back as the late Fifties. The wah effect […]

Boss DS-1X Distortion Pedal Review

When it comes to guitar pedals, Boss has been a leader for over 35 years. They have been at the forefront of guitar pedal technology since 1977. The technology has evolved and quality improved with the Boss DS-1X Distortion pedal that is equipped with Multi-Dimensional Processing technology that produces a clearer sound. The resurrected or […]