TC Electronic Dark Matter Distortion Effect Pedal Review

TC Dark MatterThere are numerous distortion pedals in the market, but none of them can be compared to the TC Electronic DMD Effect pedal. It’s a device that will make you get so addicted that whenever you set aside half an hour to play, you’ll end up spending hours longer.
Good distortion stomp boxes usually give a few dissimilar distortion sounds. However, the TC Electronic DMD Effect pedal produces exceptional distortion sounds.
The pedal offers you a wide range of rich distortion tones, encompassing the spread from roar to simple fuzz, as well as drops of plexi. The resultant effect is difficult to describe using words.
What makes TC Electronic DMD Effect pedal different from other pedals is how the TC handles EQ and tone shaping.
With a 12 o’clock setting of all knobs, the device offers a smooth run off the mill break up.
Saturation turns muddy if the gain is cranked up. However, the filter knobs can effectively take care of this eventuality. Unlike conventional stomp boxes that usually comprise of single tone knobs, the TC Electronic DMD Effect pedal allows you to separately equalize the high and low ends without much effort. Therefore, if choose to push the distortion to its farthest limit, you can still take care of the extreme ends, thus allowing you to produce those intense solos that you always dream of.
It can serve you for several years. You won’t have to replace it after months, like the case is with users of other guitar pedals because you need to expand your sound. TC Electronics Dark Matter
You don’t need to worry about low ends; the guitar pedal can effectively take care of this problem, courtesy of the voicing switch.
Features of TC Electronic DMD effect pedal at a glance

  • Gain, treble, level as well as bass functions that offer you absolute control of the distortion sounds.
  • Road-ready design. You can just pick it, get into your car and start the journey.
  • Voice switch that adjusts the bass response.
  • Tough metal chassis.
  • True Bypass that preserves your tone.
  • Made using high quality parts.
  • Easy access to the battery.
  • Small footprint that saves valuable space on the pedal board.

If you’ve been looking for an exceptionally versatile distortion pedal, then you don’t need to look any further. Just buy a TC Electronic DMD Effect pedal. You’ll have absolutely no regrets. For this reason we give it a 4.5 star rating.

4.5 / 5 stars