TC Electronics Hyper Gravity Compressor Pedal Review

TC Electronics Hyper Gravity CompressorAre you aware that HyperGravity Compressor pedal could be the missing link that has been preventing you from producing that great tone?
It offers multiple compression modes that are all remarkable, including an amazing multi-band compressor, a classic compressor as well as infinite compression combinations via TonePrint technology.
Therefore, it’s the key that can enable you get professional tones coupled with even dynamics that you have always dreamed of.
Compress without concession
The pedal has a state-of-the-art multiband dynamics algorithm, the same algorithm found in TC Electronics’ System 6000, a masterpiece that has been preferred by nearly all the world’s leading music producers for more than a decade.
The pedal’s technologically superior engine makes use of perfectly customized compression for highs, lows as well as mids, thus leaving you with substantial musical compression that can’t be attained with conventional single band compressors.
It’s therefore possible for you to transition from gentle airy shimmers to full blown straightjacket tone holds, without necessarily affecting your original tone.
Squeeze into tight tones
You can directly jump into those classic compression tones that your forefathers loved, courtesy of the guitar pedal’s warm vintage mode.
It offers you endless squash and squeeze, along with the extra presence that’s usually produced by vintage stompbox compressors.
The pedal is ideal for percussive country sounds, tasty Gilmour sustain as well as tight funk tones.
Customized compression
The Hyper Gravity Compressor boasts of a proprietary TonePrint Technology that can effectively bring out all the potential hidden inside you, especially if you are still a novice.TC Hyper Gravity Compressor
The TonePrint Editor (which is provided free-of-charge) and its multiple parameters allow you to customize compression tones to fulfill all the desires that you may have.
Backstage pass
You can make use of Sustain to determine how much compression you’d like to exert. Maximum level, for instance, gives you unlimited squash and squeeze as well as infinite sustain.
Attack allows you to determine the speed at which the compression pedal is used. Max gives you punchy and open tones, whereas Min offers you extremely fast chicken-picking attack.
True Bypass makes sure that there’s absolutely no tone coloration, thus enabling you to shine throughout.
Use the Mini-Toggle to move from a super-transparent tone to a classic squash almost instantaneously. Activation of the TonePrint mode, on the other hand, produces a compression tone that can be customized to meet your specific needs.
Level allows you to exercise control over the whole signal range.
You can also make use of Blend to ensure there’s a perfect blend of the compression signal and dry sound.
Features of the HyperGravity Compressor at a glance

4.5 / 5 stars