Wampler Ego-Compressor Essentials Pedal Review

wampler ego-compressorThe archetypal MXR Dyna Comp and Ross Compressors are classic compression pedals characterized by a unique compression sound that many guitarists fell (and still fall) in love with. However, the classic pedals had certain limitations, including; tonal coloration, signal noise and unavailable parameter control, among other limitations.
Over the years, many guitar pedal builders have tried to make improvements on their products with varying levels of success. However, one of the devices that have captured the interest of guitarists is the Wampler Ego-Compressor Essentials pedal.
It is an Operational Transconductance Amplifier pedal that is suitable for nearly all guitar models.
Unlike its predecessors, the Ego Compressor has Attack, Tone and Blend controls, in addition to the Sustain and Level controls.
Whereas its predecessors had input and output jacks mounted on the sides, the Ego Compressor’s input and output jacks are fixed on the top surface to make it suitable for modern-day guitarists who prefer to use smaller pedals for their tightly wired and crowded guitar pedal boards.
The device boasts of a footswitch with true bypass, a quality that many guitar users look out for when shopping for pedals. Additionally, the switching is quiet because the relay is of high quality.wampler egocompressor
There are premium film caps and a top-grade switching relay inside the guitar pedal. SMT construction on a thick PCB board makes everything inside look tidy.
Sound and performance
The Ego Compressor has a unique way of reinforcing the bond between the amp and the guitar. It’s among the most transparent compression pedals that you’ll ever come across.
One of the difficulties that builders face when designing OTA compressors is how to maintain signal integrity during compression. Usually, there is a particular dulling effect that can suck life out of the tone by over coloring the guitar sound and making your high-ends blunt.
Whilst the Ego Compressor addresses this problem by making use of high quality components such as resistors and film capacitors, it is the Tone control that plays the most important role in preserving treble frequencies of the guitar’s tonal range.
Features at a glance

  • Hand-crafted in the United States of America.
  • Volume control, blend control, sustain control, tone control and attack control as well.
  • High quality film capacitors as well as resistors chosen because of their exceptional response and sound.
  • Securely packed pedal boards, courtesy of top-mounted jacks.
  • True bypass through long-lasting relay switches.
  • 9 volt power jack and battery connection.

Final verdict
Wampler Ego-Compressor Essentials pedal is among the best compression pedals available in the market today, mainly because of its versatility and capacity to preserve your guitar’s intrinsic tone. It is the gold standard against which other OTA compression pedals are measured against.

4.5 / 5 stars