Wampler Latitude Tremolo Deluxe Pedal Review

wampler latitude tremolo deluxeTremolo pedals haven’t changed much since the days of the DeArmond Tremolo Control that first debuted towards the end of the 1940s. The first device had only two knobs for intensity and speed. However, these two elements laid the foundation for most of the modern-day tremolo pedals and amps.
There is something particularly attractive and pure about tremolo, even in its most simple form. However, extra color and accuracy is sometimes required to make a pedal stand out from the rest. Latitude Tremolo Deluxe from Wampler is a pedal that aims at the tinkerer; a remarkably adjustable effect that is capable of imitating the legendary throb. It’s also capable of creating chopped and synchronized syncopations. Additionally, the pedal delivers varying waveform shapes, tap tempo control as well as subdivision options.
Navigating the waves
This pedal allows you to shape your signal using any of the seven controls. If you have ever laid your hands on an onboard tremolo, then you obviously know how to create a wobble with both depth and speed.
The pedal’s space and attack functions open up unlimited opportunities for you, especially if you love tinkering and venturing into unchartered territories.
Make use of the waveform toggle-switch to transition to and from square waves, bell-shaped waves or peak waves. You can also make use of tap tempo control to make changes to the fly rate, especially since Latitude Tremolo Deluxe boasts of an additional sub-division selector switch.wampler latitude tremolo deluxe
A simple tap on one of the buttons scales up the tap tempo with remarkable quarter notes, triplets, eighth notes as well as dotted eighth notes.
It’s quite easy to fine tune the device so as to fit a specific rhythmic base.

  • Built in the USA.
  • Speed Control, Level Control, Depth Control, Space Control as well as Attack Control.
  • Made using high quality parts that were specially chosen because of their exceptional response and sound.
  • Choose among three waveforms; Square, Peak or Sine.
  • Relay true bypass & soft switch.
  • Tap tempo with 3 subdivisions.
  • Input and Output jacks mounted at the top.
  • 30mA power.
  • Powered by 9 volt AC power jack or DC battery.

Final verdict
If you have been avoiding tremolo pedals because of the belief that that they’re difficult to manage or that they have limited capabilities, then you really need to try out Wampler’s Tremolo Deluxe pedal. It can open up numerous possibilities for you.
Tap Tempo control, for instance, allows you to deal with the most unpredictable rhythm sections. Attack & space controls, on the other hand, allow your guitar to perform exceptionally well outside the boundaries of classic amp tremolo.
Even though the price tag is quite steep, you can be assured of getting value for money. This guitar pedal is worth every dime.

4 / 5 stars