Wampler Triple Wreck Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal Review

wampler triple wreckThe Wampler Triple Wreck is among the world’s best and most popular distortion guitar pedals. The name alone brings into mind images of obliteration and mayhem. Furthermore, the idea is made stronger when you look at the manufacturer’s description of the gain switch choices, which are brutal and hard.
Use the Wampler Triple Wreck to give your pedal board high gain chunk. Part of the company’s Amp-in-one-box series, the guitar pedal delivers deep, high gain amplified tones directly to your device.
Make use of the three-band Equalizer to create your sonic signature.
Features at a glance:

  • Hand-made in United States of America.
  • Hard/ Brutal switch that offers extra voicing options.
  • High-quality film capacitors as well as resistors that are specifically chosen because of their exceptional response and sound.
  • Boost switch that provides additional fuzz/gain.
  • True bypass circuitry& soft switch.
  • Original design.
  • Battery connection as well as 9V power jack.
  • High gain, chunk and chug pedal with tweak-able three-band EQ.
  • Input & Output jacks mounted on top of the device.
  • Switchable gain structure & footswitch boost.
  • High gain tones.

The Wampler Triple Wreck can help give your rig contemporary high gain amp.
The distortion guitar pedal has two major voicings; the Brutal and Hard setting. The former (Brutal setting) puts in a much needed high end sparkle to produce full spectrum sound, whereas the latter gives your tone a warmer thump.
The footswitchable Boost consists of a Contour control which allows adjustment of the gain to a heavier and higher level. Alternatively, you can adjust the gain to become a fuzzy mess.wampler triple wreck
It’s one of the few guitar pedals which can help you produce contemporary high gain tones.
If you wish to have a tone that’s rich in crunch, thump, fuzz, high-gain or any other tone associated with exceptional amp sound, then you ought to purchase a Wampler Triple Wreck.
With a compact 3-band EQ, you can copy some of your preferred high gain tones. In fact, since the pedal is adaptable, it’s very easy for you to find a characteristic tone by yourself. It can still be used even when you choose to back of the gain.
Since Wampler designed the guitar pedal with lots of gain, they knew it would be important to give the device a boost switch as well. Although adding a boost switch onto a high gain pedal seems unusual, you’d be surprised with how efficiently the switch works.
The Boost switch offers you two options through the Boost-Contour blend-control. When the boost is switched on and dialed accordingly, the distortion gets multiplied, thus resulting in the production of solo sound.

The Wampler Triple Wreck will definitely give you value for money. Purchase it today. You won’t suffer from buyer’s remorse afterwards. We give it a 4 star rating

4 / 5 stars