Way Huge WHE401 Swollen Pickle Pedal Review

way huge swollen pickleThe WHE401 Swollen Pickle used to be among the most sought after guitar pedals for several years, although its production ground to a halt for a while. However, there is good news for passionate guitarists; the once-popular guitar pedal is back with a bang!
Just like it was when it was first launched in the year 1997, the new WHE401 Swollen Pickle has more fuzz than the standard moldy peach. It’s capable of delivering wonderful high gain fuzz alongside generous amounts of flawless low ends.
When the Sustain control is slightly twisted, the pedal instantaneously transports you from gentle crunch straight into Armageddon.
Filter control still boasts of a wide range of band-pass sieved tones, differentiated by extraordinary sizzle and girth, whilst the Loudness delivers sufficient volume to stretch any amp up to the maximum limit.
The re-engineered WHE401 Swollen Pickle consists of a tone-stack Scoop-control that produces legendary mid-scoops as well as even mid-frequency sweeps. A Crunch knob allows you to fiddle with the fuzz’s compression intensity.

What you get
Under the pedal’s hood, you’ll find two inbuilt mini-voice controls that you can make use of to adjust the external Scoop’s intensity from heavy mid-cut to extremely light.
The WHE401 Swollen Pickle is thoroughly tested to make sure it’s of high quality, reliable and long-lasting. For this reason, the guitar pedal can satisfactorily serve you for many years.
The pedal boasts of a tough footswitch with true bypass (relay-based), remarkable tone, blue LED indicator, high quality parts, 2.1 millimeter power jack, heavy-duty aluminum anodized chassis as well as a battery compartment that can be easily accessed.way huge swollen pickle

Who are Way Huge?
Officially launched in the year 1992, Way Huge Electronics, the manufacturers of this exceptional guitar pedal, started operating because of Jeorge Tripps’ quest for an extraordinary tone as well as his longing to carry out performances using reliable, pedal board-friendly and heavy duty pedals.
The first pedal was named Fuzz Box. It was followed by other pedals in quick succession, namely; Red Llama Overdrive, Green Rhino Overdrive as well as Foot Pig Fuzz.
Within a short period of time, guitarists from several countries had started using them in their pedal boards. A few years later, Way Huge Electronics introduced several other guitar pedals into the market, including Swollen-Pickle Jumbo-Fuzz, Saffron Squeeze and Aqua Puss Analog-Delay, among other pedals.
Within a few years, Jeorge Tripps had significantly contributed to the boutique-effects-market. Towards the end of 1999, Way Huge Electronics formally closed its doors when the founding father decided to pursue other interests. As a result, demand for the company’s guitar pedals soared and almost reached the sky.
Due to great public demand, Way Huge Electronics decided to open its doors again, and the WHE401 is one of its maiden products. Don’t miss out. Buy a new or used WHE401 Swollen Pickle and find out why nearly every guitarist praises this particular pedal.
Features at a glance

  • Heavy duty footswitch
  • Cliff jacks
  • True bypass
  • Aluminum anodized chassis
  • Blue LED indicator
  • Easily accessible battery compartment

3.5 / 5 stars