WMD Effects Protostar Envelope Filter Pedal Review

WMD protostarThe WMD Protostar Envelope Filter presents a more advanced version of their Super Fatman envelope filter. Essentially, the Protostar Envelope Filter comes with a plethora of additional and pro level features that exhibit a unique sound design experience. This filter has a built in LFO , has five filter modes, a full CV patch bay for incredible routing combinations, and expression /CB input, making it the most versatile envelope filter so far. Moreover, it comes with an end of chain compressor and dry wet mix for parallel filtering/compression effects.

The Protostar is so far the world’s best envelope filter as it comes with many exciting features. WDM is renowned for producing feature-laden envelope filters. Talk of nine controls for your filter-tweaking pleasure, with five modes of filtering, a full control voltage patchbay and many other features.

The WMD Protostar Envelope Filter comes with broad controls such as Attack, Resonance, Threshold, that really push the boundaries of this filter. Apart from being super-resonant, this envelope filter features an LFO attached with several waveforms.

Besides, the Protostar has a separate LED which keeps track of the speed of the LFO. The LED can be turned on and off by simply turning the rate knob all way down.

The WMD Protostar comes with a compressor onboard that is positioned at the end of the signal to smooth out the filtering.
Are you that player who integrates CV into your rig? Well, the WMD Effects Protostar Envelope Filter provides you with authentic banquet of options. This gives you the additional luxury of using CV to control some of the pedal’s parameters as well as Protostar as a CV generator. The choice is yours!wmd protostar

Furthermore, this filter gives players the discretion to use the envelope itself, or the LFO ,or the Protostar’s parameters to modulate other effects. This gives players endless possibilities.

The Protostar Envelope Filter comes with a set of send/return jacks to allow players align effects in a parallel manner with the envelope filtering for some outstanding sounds. This feature allows players to readily experiment. Player can try an octave, ring mod or even a volume pedal for some otherworldly envelope filtering.

However, a few previous customers who have purchased the Protostar Envelope Filter feel that it’s quite pricey. Others feel that it could come with a a 9V power supply.

Overall, having received numerous reviews together with its outstanding features, the WMD Protostar Envelope Filter is undoubtedly a great purchase. It’s a product that really offers value for money.


4.5 / 5 stars