Xotic Effects XW-1 Wah Pedal Review

xotic effects xw1The original Clyde McCoy pedals that were made in Italy between the years 1967 and 1969 were (and still are) undoubtedly Holy Grails of vintage wah tone. Lucky guitarists who were fortunate enough to try out one of the legendary guitar pedals can bear testimony to this fact.
Over the years, many guitar pedals have come and gone, but very few of them can be remotely compared to the iconic Clyde McCoy pedals of the 1960s. The most notable pedal that is actually better than the legendary Clyde McCoy pedals is the Xotic Effects XW-1.
The exceptionally designed guitar pedal boasts  a wide range of features. They include a nylon bushing pivot that can lubricate itself, gold contact true bypass, multiple internal controls, fuzz responsive buffering-circuit as well as a comparatively smaller footprint, among other remarkable features.
Sound and performance
When you unpack it for the first time, you’ll discover that all the knobs are set at 12 o’clock to capture the iconic 1968 Clyde McCoy wah sound.
When the settings are at default, the Xotic Effects XW produces a remarkably flawless wah sound as well as legendary style wah effects.xotic effects xw-1
Wah-Q plays an important role of defining the wah sound. It sounds great when set at 12 o’clock, although turning it in clockwise direction produces a wider-variety, vocal sweep for an even more spectacular wah effect.
Bias control can give the pedal a spectacularly different feel and sound. Setting it at maximum level, for instance, leads to the creation of an extremely aggressive, hot and loud tone. On the other hand, reducing the Bias adds more clarity, and is therefore suitable for guitarists who love clean and flawless wahs.
Features at a glance

  • Nylon bushing pivot that can self-lubricate itself for flawless and quiet operation coupled with fully adaptable rocker pedal tension.
  • Powered by either 9VDC adapter or 9V battery.
  • Gold contact true bypass that allows transparent by pass tone.
  • Internal controls that include switches for the following; Toe Down, Wah Q Frequency, Range, Presence Cut as well as Input Gain.
  • Reliable switching with an infinite life cycle.
  • Fuzz-responsive buffering circuit that assures you of exceptional wah tone with fuzz pedals that you’ll definitely love.
  • The footprint is 20% smaller than standard wah pedals.
  • Fully adaptable Wah-Q & Bias controls, as well as 2-band equalizer with plus/minus 15 decibels center detent potentiometers that maximize voicing for varying gear and playing styles.

The Xotic Effects XW-1 is among the world’s most versatile guitar pedals. Unlike many other single pedals, it’s capable of producing a wide range of both classic and contemporary wah sounds.
If you want value for money, then you should buy this guitar pedal.

4.5 / 5 stars