Zoom G3X Multi-Effects Processor Review

Zoom G3XIf you’d like to start creating a variety of sounds from your guitar within a few minutes, then you should try out the Zoom G3X.
It’s exceptionally designed with features such as; ultrafast patch-changing speed, 435- 445 tune ranger, at least six effects that can be utilized simultaneously, onboard chromatic tuner that supports all the standard guitar tunings and user created patches that can be stored in any of the a hundred memory locations.
Other features include; all-patch parameters that can be automatically saved using the auto-save function, one hundred factory-preset patches and storage as well as swapping functions that facilitate organization of patches.
Ease of use and great power
The pedal is intuitively designed to allow smooth navigation in studio settings as well as live recordings. As a result, creation, rearrangement and saving can be achieved with great ease. Three LCD screens that are all armed with matching parameter knobs and footswitches create an extensive graphical interface which enables you to carry out real-time viewing and editing.
High-tech editing
If you purchase Zoom G3X, you’ll be rewarded with Steinberg’s Cubase LE production software download license. This allows you to do amazing things with it, such as creating exceptional guitar sounds.
Since the high tech software is used by renowned music creators globally, you’ll have an opportunity of taking your music recordings to a higher and more professional level.
Connect it to your computer
Zoom G3X Multi-Effects pedal has a USB port that allows connection with any computer that uses Windows or Mac OS. The connection allows G3X to work like a two-output/ two-input audio interface. During recording sessions, direct monitoring ensures that there’s little or absolutely no latency, thus enabling you to overdub with great ease.zoom g3x
Express yourself
Use Zoom G3X Multi-Effects pedal to adjust parameters like delay time, pitch bend and modulation speed.
It allows you to independently adjust pedal range for every patch. In addition, you can reverse-pedal by simply setting the maximum value at a lower level than the minimum value.
With the simple calibration procedure, you can conveniently customize pedal sensitivity, thus enabling the Zoom G3X adjust to your preferred pedaling style.
Features of Zoom G3X at a glance

  • More than 90 effects. They include; distortion, reverb, compression, delay and modulation, among others.
  • Passive & Active switch.
  • 22 amp models.
  • Input jack that allows use of normal mono-guitar cable.
  • Inbuilt expression pedal that can be used to control volume and other parameters.
  • Can be efficiently incorporated into any pedal board.
  • Three LCDs (backlit) consisting of contrast control.
  • Forty-one inbuilt rhythmic patterns that you can use together with the aforementioned looper
    Intuitive user interface.
  • Looper that allows you to capture 40 seconds of high quality phrase-recording

The Zoom G3X is a reasonably priced multi effects processor that has a lot of the tools that higher end processors have. For this reason we give it a 4 star rating.


4 / 5 stars